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The ICT Summit Paramaribo is a conference that offers a platform for everyone in the ICT industry to come together to exchange ideas, explore new opportunities and foster new relationships.

June 5 and 6, 2014 at KKF beurshal, Chamber of Commerce Suriname.

This Summit is organized by the ICT Association of Suriname (ICT-AS) as one way of executing her mission of helping society achieve more with ICT.

One of the objectives of the ICT-AS is to stimulate the development of the vision about ICT in Suriname, therefore the ICT Summit Paramaribo is designed to facilitate in achieving this objective.

The ICT-AS is a branch organization of registered companies in Suriname with ICT as their core business.
The organization has 42 members and includes nearly all leading ICT companies in Suriname.

Attended by top executives from Suriname and the region’s most prominent organizations, this Summit has the potential of attracting over 500 attendees, compromising of ICT Vendors, Distributors, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Education Providers, Policy makers, Ministries, NGO’s, Users and Media. This will provide invaluable networking opportunities for you and your company.

Attendees can look forward to an exhibition with simultaneous knowledge sharing sessions and presentations of prominent organizations. Every day the sessions will be concluded with a hot seat discussion and in the evening the Summit will be open to the greater public.

This year’s Summit’s theme is Connect ­- Explore ­ – Develop. These are three dynamics verbs widely used in both the ICT branch as in common language.

With Connect we want to emphasize on connectivity (to the internet), interfacing of systems and social media. Connect can also be linked to bringing people, communities, business and the government together and sharing knowledge.

With Explore we want to emphasize on research, knowledge transfer and learning. Explore can also be linked to browsing and discovering new worlds and opportunities.

With Develop we want to focus on application development, mobile apps and innovation. But development can also be linked to the development of an individual, sector, organization or country.

Organized in Suriname for Suriname and the region, the ICT Summit Paramaribo is slated to take place on June 5th and 6th 2014 in Paramaribo at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKF) Hall.


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